Why Korean Drama is Popular in the Philippines

In this episode, Barok and Takya share their thoughts on why Korean drama is Popular in the Philippines. They discuss how Filipino appreciate watching these telenovelas as part of their daily routines. For Barok, Korean dramas are fresh compared to Filipino drama. The script is somewhere intriguing and has a smart twist, and will leave you hanging at the end. Takya, on the other hand, seems to acknowledge this, and that’s why Korean shows are getting accepted on Filipino entertainment today. Takya compares that Filipino drama is all about Loveteams. That is why the influence of Korean drama in the Philippines has skyrocketed.

How about you bayan, why do you think that Korean drama is so prevalent in the Philippines? Download and listen to Barok and Takya Bisaya Podcast, the Pinoy Podcast in Bisaya language.

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